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The warm materials of the East mixed with the cool design lines of Scandinavia,

Creating Lighting with a twist. A natural, gnarled tree root, driftwood, and teak set on a matte-black lacquer plinth, serves as the base of our warm and cozy Scandinavian design look with the beautiful materials of the east, making each one subtly one-of-a-kind


Our natural wooden lamps have been inspired by Asia’s tropical nature and it's abundance of unique and natural shaped vines, roots and trees


Each piece used in our lamps is carefully picked, washed, sanded and then treated to reveal its beautiful natural textures making sure to apply three fundamental concepts


            The use of natural recyclable and sustainable materials

            Innovative and contemporary Scandinavian designs

            Authentic way of crafting each lamp into a masterpiece


With skilled craftsmanship, each piece is assembled together to create one of a kind lamp that is uniquely different